Here the skinny on pink celery: we had no spring and therefore all spring crops bolted (went to flower, seed and are finished) so we harvested everything, no matter how small! The color will stay as long as you keep it raw. Leaves are edible and fantastic like a lovage/celery cross. We recommend chopping the whole plant into a salad. Leaves can be used as a pesto or in baked goods or raw. Leaf and stalk combo is an intense flavor, you only need a little. 
Have fun! #nomoreboringsalad

pink celery

Bred to bring more flavor (and more purple) to purple peas, these high-anthocyanin, wavy-podded snow peas hold their vibrant color when cooked.

Cooking Method: Quickly sauté pods over high heat. Add salt and a splash of water. Cover with lid for 30 seconds. Season and serve.

*descriptions and pictures were taken from seed suppliers

cherry tomatoes

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