Roasted right here in Kingston and it’s ridiculously good.

What’s empowering is delivering affordable coffee to your door that unites you with the emerging movement to crowdfund political revolution.

Wake up and brew your democracy knowing your coffee is from certified fair trade organic worker owned cooperatives that support community development projects in countries that have been harmed by US foreign policy.

Visit to learn more about their project

democracy coffee

We have 2,800 NOFA-NY certified organic, free-range hens. Our hens have access to outdoor pasture and spacious indoor housing. We have raised most of our chickens since they were day old chicks and all of our hens have always lived their lives cage-free. Much of the feed the hens eat comes right from grain we produce on our farm.

oliver's eggs


Our Cage Free eggs are only fed a 100% vegetarian, natural diet and are given protected space to roam, roost, and nest. Certified Humane.



100% pure New York Grade A ‘Very Dark’ maple syrup is available in wax-sealed, hand numbered, glass bottles. Tapped, wood-fired and bottled in the Hudson Valley, our maple syrup contains no added ingredients or preservatives. 

Very Dark Color, Strong Taste maple syrup is the darkest and most full-bodied of all the maple grades. Its strong and pronounced maple flavor profile is perfect for chefs and home cooks who need flavor to carry though to their final dish. This syrup is a great base for barbecue sauces or glazes for meats and root vegetables. If you ask us, we say ‘Very Dark is very good!’

laurel & ash farm

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