Eat Like a Local

Known for our fiery passion & dedication

Corporate-dropouts turned first generation farmers, we dragged our families from the New York City hustle back to the land. 
We four were friends first, stuck in lackluster jobs, trying to figure out what was missing. bonding over our mutual devotion to the BASICS and the LOCAL, we added "partNers" to our dossiers.



and really, really great salad mixes

Fast forward, on three acres we’ve executed the basics and the local as well as the responsible, and the sustainable. We treat our farm like a business. The business of promoting access to locally grown, high quality, more nutritious produce using no-tractor, no-till and organic growing methods.  



we like
food to
be simple.

As a trusted partner for local communities and restaurants, we have ambition in the agriculture space. We have started our small farm as a stepping stone to vertical growing, which is what we believe to be the future of farming. Growing UP will enable every table to have the freshest, healthiest ingredients and we won't stop until they get there.



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